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A series of sample uses for Moodle to encourage creativity and share good practice. Each "topic" represents an example of how King's staff are using moodle for Teaching and Learning.

Animated dinosaur modelThis course introduces Resistant Materials and Mechanisms within a Technology Workshop. Students will see how a variety of tools are used correctly and safely to produce a simple mechanism model. Cranks, Cams and other mechanisms will be covered.

Making an Aboriginal Design inspired "bag for life" out of re-purposed materials.

Aboriginal Bag 4 Life

Lego slowest vehicle modelIn this topic, students will use Lego kits to produce the slowest possible vehicle. As students progress, the vehicles will become so slow that the final time to travel one metre will have to be calculated. Students will then go on to create a piece of Jewellery on the theme of "Inspired by Nature".

This course is intended to give an introduction to the SolidWorks Computer Aided Design package as well as 3d printing.

Cardboard iglooThis part of the Moodle VLE looks at the preparation for the Advanced Innovation Challenge, gives pointers towards innovative product ideas and details the steps taken in lessons to extend ability in innovative design thinking

Picture of the YikeBikeIn Year 13, students produce an innovative product and document the work in a design portfolio. Use this course within Moodle to find detail for each section of the portfolio, support and ideas. Preparation for the examination will appear here later.

My little kittyThis is the moodle course for Textiles students in Year 10.

Digital multimeterThis Moodle course covers the theory and background notes for GCSE Electronic Products, taught by Mr Roulson. Also within the course are links to other documents and video clips.

Gromit does some researchThis Moodle course covers the GCSE Electronic Products coursework (controlled assessment) and exam revision requirements. Use this course to ensure that you have covered all of the required elements.

RevisionGuideThis is the revision course for the GCSE Electronic Products exam. Download your copy of the revision guide from here.

You'll also find past papers and mark schemes for the previous exams.

Now you just have to go and revise...!

Year 11 GCSE Resistant Materials Technology Revision Course.

You'll need to enrol with the code: Y11R-M

This is the extension course content for the New GCSE in Technology - Fabrics and Textiles

This course covers the extended parts of the New GCSE for Electronics, programmable devices and mechanisms.

Picture of the specification coverThis is the core course for GCSE Technology.

All students will study the core section in preparation for the exam and then specialise in their particular material and topic areas.